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Portal, Maps and new versions !


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Hello !

2 month ago, we released the Galactae: Space Age Dawn 0.2.0 update. It's now the time to release the new major update, 0.3.0 ! Here's some changlogs:

  • Website:
    • Added favicon
    • Automatic generation of gallery which depends on folder content.
    • Updated Terms & Conditions
    • Remake of some pages: the team, partners, devblog, contact, index, ... Enhanced translation and mobile compatibility
    • Now, game portal support cookies session which not disconnect you after 30 minutes.
    • Updated register security
  • Security:
    • Security and independance of each game session.
    • Added a players-connected list on serverside
    • Autokick while multiple sessions
    • Added some anti-cheat systems
    • Added moderators commands
    • Now, you can't PM yourself
    • New servers addresses
    • Updated logs and server panel
    • Added an antispam system
  • Production and Building:
    • Calculation of energetic production on client and on server side
    • Fixed some problems with production calculation (rebalancing).
    • Fixed a bug on Quarry construction screen
    • Now, the current building in build mode affect production
    • Overproduction of minerals while all metals storage are full.
    • Drawing at 0 production if storage is full.
    • Added Helium 3 production calculation
    • Added spatials buildings (stations)
  • User Interface:
    • Fixed some graphical bugs
    • New design for chat buttons
    • Auto-adapting size for system message popup
    • Added some sounds
    • New planet background (pictures by Erjiii)
    • Enhanced build panel design
    • Disabled build button while we can't build it
    • Added timers for building & ressource need
    • Support for keyboard: up and down for chat history, left and right to change planet.
    • Updated ground buildings
    • Updated loading screen
    • Updated portrait screen error
    • Updated translation
    • Chat: Added left clic on nickname to PM and right click to open profile
    • Added an arrow if a building can be build or is in building mode
    • HQ and tank has switch positions
    • Added beginig for fleet UI
    • Edited scrollbars designs
  • Misc:
    • Fixed some synchronous bug between server & client.
    • Fixed a bug while renaming a planet.
    • Now you can PM someone using @nickname message
    • Added chat system messages
    • Added daily bonus
    • Begin of a rank/point system
    • Current planet is now keep while refreshing the game page.
    • Optimization of script to make new features easyier to add and deleting some hardcoded values.

In case of issues, contact us by mail. Have fun,

Galactae: Space Age Dawn developement team



Hello !

It was just released, The new 0.2.0 update of Galactae: Space Age Dawn ! We are proud of introduce it. But what are the news since the 0.1.0 ?

  • User Interface:
    • Improving responsive design (different screen size)
    • Added new buttons to open/close the chat, research panel (soon update), movement panel (soon update), and the begin of our solar map.
    • Resolving multiple bugs on chat panel.
    • Simplifying builfing upgrade panel.
    • Added Disconnect/settings menu.
    • Now you can change your planet name !
    • Standardization of main designs.
    • Added hints while hovering resources.
  • Improved Algorithms:
    • Resources productions.
    • Resources productions depends on current upgrading building.
    • Maximal Storage
    • New Energy system
    • New calculations to upgrade buildings
  • Gameplay:
    • Added government type choice
    • Separated differents user accounts
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Many security improvements on client and server side
    • Improved anti-cheat system
    • Added Staff and Admin tags in chat
    • Added new key mapping
    • Reduce server calculations and exchanges with client
    • Securated exchanges between server and client.
    • Created a vocal server (Discord).
    • Calculation of the ultimate answer

We hope you'll like this new update ! In case of issue, contact the support. Have Fun !

Galactae: Space Age Dawn Dev Team

Back to developement !


After 5 month, the developement of Galactae: Space Age Dawn is resuming. In the next updates, we'll make a new website, a new account system, and many major security improvement !



Here's Come the first game alpha test. New Features:
  • Resources production algorithm
  • Chat
  • Basic UI
  • First test of solar map
  • Calculation of the ultimate answer

Have Fun !